Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights

We see lots of clients with problems involving consumer issues like contract disputes, disagreements with a business or neighbor, landlord/tenant issues, credit reporting mistakes, identity theft and so on.

We also see people get very aggravated over problems that often times are easy to fix when you have a good lawyer.

A few things to know about your consumer rights in Virginia, that we see come up often, are:

  • Be smart and don’t take things personally.  It’s not always about who is ‘right’ under the law.  Think about things from a ‘how much is this going to cost me to fix’ perspective.
  • Don’t try to evict your tenants on your own for not paying their rent unless you have a court order or the advice of an attorney first.
  • Don’t let yourself be harassed.  We can help you get collection agents to stop bothering you, get mistakes on your credit report fixed or get your money back from car dealers, real estate agents or home improvement contractors.
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