Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations

These are the types of cases where people get especially emotional. Discovering your spouse is having an affair with someone at work or is addicted to internet porn, getting your ex to pay child support on time, keeping your kids safe from a bully at school and so on can easily land you in a legal, emotional and financial mess.

Not to worry…many of the cases we deal with are better than any lawyer show you’ll see on TV. The point is, your concerns are probably not uncommon and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to get some help. Come see us. At the very least, you will have someone knowledgeable to listen to your story and give you some options on how best to proceed…all in complete confidence.

We see lots of people who are thinking about getting divorced…so here are a few things to know:

  • Getting divorced in Virginia generally requires a one year separation period (6 months if you don’t have kids and where the parties agree to terms).
  • You can get divorced in Virginia without going to court.  Plus, your spouse doesn’t have to ‘agree’ to allow you to get divorced.
  • Remember that a divorce in Virginia is just a piece of paper –it doesn’t necessarily change the people involved or their attitudes.
  • Each case is different but you always have to follow the law.  So, your co-worker who says he can show you how not to pay any child support or how to get divorced for free in a week should probably be avoided. 
Contact us now for a free, confidential consultation to talk about a cheating spouse, estimating child support or alimony, legal separation or divorce options, restraining orders, collecting past due child support and any other family matters.

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